Anya Marina Show-Part 2-Oct 31st 2008

 I never enjoyed beer until I tasted Harp, but this beer is good too and I sip and listen to The Pestilles play old fashioned rock-n-roll, they’re a good young band playing what I think is their first gig-very cool. Anya comes in halfway through their set and is surrounded by friends and fans, she looks stunning, gone is the little girl look from years ago. She has a great new hair style and looks like a star now in casual black pants and a black and white stripe blouse with a white see thru scarf, she disappears to get ready for her set.

 I move to the front and get a good spot-the room is filling up now and cheers go up as she comes onstage. Anya is beaming as she walks up and leads her new band over the material on her new CD effortlessly. She is warm and playful and talks alot to the crowd between songs, she doesn’t even flinch when everyone including me take her picture onstage, she covers an old Portuguese song and sings in that most difficult language easily as she moves to the music, sexy and sure of herself. She plays about ten songs and then is off to mix with her fans and catch up with friends.

 It’s hard to get to speak to her as she is surrounded, finally when the place started to thin out as “The Little Ones” (the headliners) go onstage. I get a chance to talk with her a little. She seems to remember my face but not my name which is OK, and I explain where we met last. We talk about her new expansive sound, her new video, and band. I tell her how she looks cuter than ever, (which made her blush and laugh in that way that only girls can) they LOVE a compliment, and right now after a recent breakup, I’m sure she’s enjoying the attention and the freedom. We talk across from each other our faces only a foot apart, for a few all too short moments, she’s all mine. Just then a friend walks up to us and breaks the spell as Anya suggests we go listen to the band, but I have to go to work tomorrow.

  So after posing with Anya for a few pictures her friend was kind enough to take for me, I excuse myself and say goodnight but not before suggesting the next time she comes to the East Coast that she come out to Nassau County, the friend helpfully suggesting Farmingdale as being a good place for music acts. I bid them goodbye and step out into the bustling street and catching a taxi quickly, head back to Penn Station for the long ride home. My driver who I learn is from Pakistan tells me that his meter is broken and he will take me for ten dollars- it’s a bargain!

 But as I ride home, I wonder what might have been. If I had been able to stay and hang out with Anya and her people. I’m not laboring under any illusions that I had any chance of hooking up with her, she’s just getting over a breakup, and I don’t take advantage of people that way. Besides, guys like me don’t ever rate girls like her anyway. But it would have been cool to be introduced to a bunch of people who I could have hung out with in the future, and also get a taste of the night life of a rock star. It made me realize that if I lived in the Village I would have ten times the chance of meeting someone, just the numbers alone are way higher compared to the suburbs, and most important, the people are just way more cool and laid back in the Village-East or West doesn’t matter, than the snobby girls of the suburbs.  It was a great night and I can’t wait to get my pictures developed, and to think I was so tired when I got home from work I almost didn’t go. I’ll never miss another show that way again-I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

Nighty Nite

Glen Registered & Protected

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