That Food Thing Again… December 2008

 I admit it, I’m an obsessive person, anything I get interested in becomes the focus of all my free time to the exclusion of all other activities. This is why you’ll find me tracking down certain types of cuisine to make at home or to enjoy on a night out. So, it’s easy to say that I’m also obsessed with food. I started cooking at ten. I would get up early on a Sunday morning before my folks were up and make bacon and eggs, setting the table and laying out the food on the plates, them going up to get my parents, who would come down and groggily eat cold food. Since then I have become a pretty good cook, I learned not only from my mother but also from watching Julia Child when I was young, later taking lessons from the food network crew-both past and present.

 But my food obsession is legendary among family and friends and stem from my childhood, in grammar school there was only two sandwiches I would eat, tuna on white bread with mayo and peanut butter and jelly on white bread with the crusts on…don’t cut off my crust! Yes my friends I still love a good Pb & j on white but it goes way further than that. I must try every new peanut product known to man, cookies, candy, snack cakes, shakes, smoothies, sundae’s, etc. If they made peanut butter soda I would try it, I’m not saying I would love it but…you never know. The other food that amuses my palette no end is coconut, I love the taste and the smell, I used to get a coconut based shave cream, I eat macaroons with gusto, Indian restaurants that use coconut in their dishes and condiments get my thumbs up, and I love Thai Coconut Rice.

 This goes all the way back to my childhood, to the giant coconut cream eggs that I found in my Easter basket. The size of a small football I would gnaw on it for days before it was gone, sadly now they just don’t make them any more, the creamy ones made now are a poor substitute. The strongest manifestation of this lust is perhaps the most unhealthy, and potentially the most dangerous in the wrong hands. Yes dear readers I’m talking about coconut rum, that ohh soo sweet, tasty drink that makes just about any mixer taste better. Indeed although it’s considered a sweet girl drink by some, I have an unquenchable desire for it almost every night. Yet, while I try to consume less to lose weight and intentionally go for a week at a time without it to do so, it always seems to draw me back. The Pina Colada ranks right up there as a festive drink for summer barbeque’s, and it’s a favorite to order at a place like Red Lobster. They serve it in a giant Martini glass, and it comes complete with a gold plastic lobster pendant on a chain that I wear with the pride of a college geek trying real alcohol for the first time, making believe it’s Mardi Gras! Oh how can I look at myself in the mirror after that-I don’t know.

 This my friends can get ugly at times, I try hard to avoid places like Friendly’s Ice Cream Shops because I know all too well that the combination of vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and the addition of shredded coconut and nuts of all kinds (especially almonds which get a minor place as a food obsession, it’s not as strong.) and chocolate, which is lets face it, is every body’s obsession, can send me on a lost weekend of overindulgence followed by a bout of eaters remorse. I managed this year, when I went to Friendly’s to donate gifts for Xmas to the toy drive they have, to avoid the temptation to stop for a sundae with all the trimmings. I managed somehow to not justify the “hit” I so badly wanted like a strung out junkie in needle park….this time. But like an old flame you keep hooking up with even though your just not compatible outside the boudoir, I know that soon, I will succumb to the delicious depths of depravity that only the food obsessed can know. Like the junkie and the boozer, the foodie lives on the same playing field, and there are some who would think that is a harsh comparison. Some might be insulted, but I assure you if you go to extremes without the excuse of being pregnant to get a bucket of chicken at two in the morning, or if you drive to three different stores to get a pint of Cherry Garcia because you just have to have it now! Then you are food obsessed, but that’s okay many people are too. The real junkies and boozers do exist on the same playing field as us but they are on the other side of the park.
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  1. Tom

    Really interesting blog thanks.

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