Short Note-August 2009

 Hello All

 Just a short note to let my readers know I’m still alive although there have been no new posts in a while I am still here, I have been re-publishing all my previous work in chronological order since it got all mixed up when I discovered and put all my work on it to protect it. But it has been tedious to do so but worth it I think, I have hit a milestone at over 10,000 hits in July and I have one real fan to thank for all her support. Maureenj has been a fan since the start and remains my closest friend on the internet, and for a shy withdrawn person like myself (at least internet wise) that’s saying alot, I don’t get too close to people on the net. I was there for her as she has been for me and feel like she’s becoming the older sister I was supposed to have but sadly never met. I also want to thank for helping me to promote myself, it is their website which fueled my blog along woth Blogged, Fuel My Blog and others.

 The thing is that right now is the time of gardening and that means that I spend all my free time building my project, a complete redo of an old neglected garden that I started eight years ago and continues to be a focus of all my energy from May till November. The thing is that I miss the city that I love very much but I haven’t had the time or the extra money to spend on concert tickets, theater tickets or art shows so I haven’t been to New York since June 6th when I went to see P J Harvey, but I will post a review of that concert. The good news is that I am going to see Anya Marina open for Emilianna Torrini at the Highline Ballroom on Aug 14th so I will have a tale to tell about that! I really should post a story about the garden project and a few pictures of the work being done and the areas that are coming together so my readers can see what kind of mess I’ve gotten myself into. But the cold winds are coming right around the corner and this fall and winter I will be busy trying to show you what New York has to offer even in the cold months with pictures and more tales of my solitary adventures, maybe one day soon it will not be solitary anymore. I have a feeling I will meet someone before the year is out, so we will see. Till next time I hope all are well and happy and posting good things and having great times.



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  1. Hi Glen,
    Thanks for your kind words. I look forward to seeing photos of your garden and reading more about New York. I have a feeling you will meet someone with whom you can share all your wonderful adventures too 🙂
    Regards your pseudo big sister.

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