Short Note II-July 23rd 2010

 Hello All I just wanted to let the few who care know I’m still here more or less, I will try to keep this brief. I’m OK now…at least on the mend but…back on July 3rd I was happily working in the yard planting perennials, cleaning up the yard and preparing for the Forth of July party the next day. It was hot and I took many breaks and drank lots of water and stopped working at the hottest point in the day and ran some errands instead, although my cars AC doesn’t work – I was cooled off somewhat from a shower and returned to yard work after the sun was mostly down.

 The next day was our family party and a great deal of food, drink, and fun was had and although I received much help through the day, I was so wound up that I couldn’t sleep and stayed up till 3 AM. The next day I had off and did nothing, I was flat-out exhausted so all I did is move the sprinkler and go back inside and sit. But I had to go back to work and that’s when the trouble began, it went up to 100 degrees on the sixth and 98 but more humid on the seventh and I was on freight meaning I unloaded the trucks outside and did all the heavy work while others stood at the counter and helped customers and answered the phones. It was my turn but by Wed the 7th I was staggering from the heat and literally pulling myself up the ladder while others joked about me behind my back, I work with such nice classy people. By that night I was walking like an old man and the next day called in and went to the doctor, she informed me that I had Heat exhaustion and should stay home and do nothing for the next four days, drink Gatorade and eat small meals and sleep if I could.  I got a doctor’s note and did just that but by Saturday I felt horrible and said to my Mom “I got the Flu, this is not heat exhaustion anymore”, I also had a chronic hacking cough and phlegm on my chest making breathing especially at work difficult. 

 I put in a call to my doctor and told her how I felt and went back to get blood drawn for some tests, and also after complaining about the cough I am sent for a chest x-ray. The blood work  indicated liver and kidney enzymes elevated and I was sent to get a sonograms of my internal organs to check for any damage. The results were negative except for fatty deposits on the liver which means I need to lose weight, I already knew that but they were also going to do further tests on my blood to see why I was still running fevers and having sweats at night which was waking me up to change a sweat-soaked t-shirt three times a night. The chest x-ray was clear but the cough might be caused by my blood pressure meds so they were changed to a different one.

 Then after what seemed like an eternity of thinking I had something very serious and might be facing hepatitis B,C and all the rest of the alphabet, cirrhosis related diseases, overuse of Tylenol causing the enzymes to go up and everything else in-between I finally talked to my doctor at lunch on Wed the 21st to find out I had Mono, the dread kissing disease. Now the only people I kissed recently was my two cousins on the Forth but it was only on the cheek. But I deal with so many people who it could have come from anyone who didn’t wash their hands after using the restroom who then borrowed my pen and woolah you got it. I also was sporting a gland in my neck swollen like a golf ball so my doctor gave me two different meds and drew more blood and I have to go back in a week for a follow-up. I am starting to feel a little better and for the first time since July 5th I am not running a fever tonight as I write this and the cough is going away.  Alls well that ends well. I am dying for a glass of wine but will have to wait until I finish the round of cortisone in about seven days and the anti-biotic as well but the side benefit has been that I have lost about 13 lbs so far and although my appetite is returning I am on the golden path to a healthy me and even bought myself a Schwinn Drifter touring bike with fat tires and mud guards, retro style in black and white and when I’m feeling better will be riding in the evenings after dinner like I used to when I was a kid. Not such a short note I’m afraid but that’s why I’m a writer. I will be finishing several stories that I never completed asap and adding pictures of the garden and such too. So I have to work half a day tomorrow and it will be record heat again but I will be home by the time it gets really hot so I should be ok. You never know what’s going to happen do you? I’m glad to be alive and not in the hospital, but the best news is that the owner of my company is now getting an estimate for AC to be installed in the parts dept but I won’t hold my breath!



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