Short Note III-Dec 23rd 2010

 Hello all, just a short note to say Merry christmas and Happy Holidays to any and all who read my blog. especially my good friend Maureen! It’s been a hectic time for a week or two because my dad let a cold turn into bronchitis than it became pneumonia and he landed in the hospital seven days ago. he was seen in the ER where he spent most of the night then ICU, PCU, and finally he was released from his regular bed on the 3rd floor. He was suffering from low blood count, internal bleeding, anemia, fever, congestive heart failure, infection in the digestive system and confusion. They put him back together but he has got to take antibiotics for thirty days and have follow-up visits in two weeks with a neuro, cardiologist, and regular doctor. He was at death’s door and according to his doctor he was days away from death when he went in the hospital. this of course has knocked xmas right off its axis for us because at the same time my mom has suddenly grown worse with her pelvic fracture pain, she can barely walk after the government here pulled Darvocet pain killers off the market she is in agony and the substitutes don’t help. My folks are very distressed to not really be able to shop and buy gifts but Mom is going to try and go out tomorrow with either myself or my brother.

 They are facing the end of their independence and it scares them and me, I want my own life and to be there for them at the same time. Which is impossible but I try to do both to the best of my ability and certainly my finances don’t allow me the rich social life I want anyway so it’s a moot point. Before all this I have actually been dabbling in painting a little so I’m hoping to get back to that and have completed the first draft of my play “Last Hope” which I mentioned in the Dresden Dolls piece I did a few weeks ago. Tomorrow I will rise early despite getting to bed late and go see my friends at Riebe’s Artist Materials, do some last minute shopping for food and such and then we will finish decorating the tree and eating some fine hors doruves before retiring to bed and the family get together at my cousins. So again happy happy to all and to all a goodnight.

Sleep in heavenly peace



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2 responses to “Short Note III-Dec 23rd 2010

  1. Hi Glen,
    Thank you so much for your comments and kind Chritmas wishes.I value your freindship and hearing from you always fills my heart with joy.
    Oh Glen, I am so very sorry to hear your dad has been so unwell and that your mum is in such incredible pain. It is at times like this that I wish we lived closer, so I could come over and lend a hand where I could.
    Hopefully, the cold weather there will not impact too much on them and you all have a great Christmas season.Family and Christmas are what it’s all about, don’t you agree?
    You know it has been 25 years since my nanna died, as it happened, on Christmas Day and I still miss her so much. Not in a grieving sad way but all her traditions, family stories and of course her fabulous food! Could my nanna cook.
    Ours was a quiet day but lovely just the same. So much food that we did not even start on the seafood until dinner last night.
    I apologises for not being in touch as much as I should but I hope to make more leisure time in the New Year.
    Lots of love, good health and happiness to you and your family.

  2. Hi Maureen
    Thanks for your friendship and support, it means alot that you would be here for me if we lived close. Today is an unexpected day off as we are buried in snow and I could not get out to go to work if I wanted to, our block is not plowed and after a walk to the gas station for a hot chocolate I can see that the plows have piled a wall of snow three feet high and 10 feet wide so we are housebound. Me and my brother who is un-employed are going to walk to the store for things we need, thankfully it only accross the street. I am strting to form two stories in my head, one about Christmas and another about the storm. I took many pictures today before starting the snowblower so I will post them to the story so you can see a New York winter. But right now I really want to go to Cassis and have some French food and drinkies but that is almost impossible, it would take a half hour on a nice day to walk that far, and the high winds would make it a hazardous and difficult journey. Yes you are right, family and Christmas is what it’s all about, I learned much about that this year. Some day we will have a good chin wag over some lovely seafood together. God Bless and we will talk soon.

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