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Sad Times July 23rd 2014

It has not been a very happy year so far and it shows no sign of getting better any time soon. I know I’ve been off the radar for two years now and I can’t seem to get back on the horse. I am putting a link that will tell the tale for me in the hopes of getting some help. Here it is http://www.gofundme.com/bm047c
I never thought it come to this but desperate times call for desperate measures. Thanks for reading, and to any who used my work for term papers and such. I hope you got good grades.

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Pop Culture and Capitolism; The Sexual Cocktail

First Published- April 2009

I’m sure many people in the US were greeted with the most earth shattering news of the year last week when they got up and brought in the morning paper. The front cover story on top of the Daily News in New York  was most memorable for me, since I don’t get the paper at home I rely on others who bring it to work. So you can imagine my surprise to see Valerie Bertinelli in a blue bikini laying on the beach in some exotic locale! I mean OMG is this a real untouched photo of her at 48 looking this good!  This gives a whole new meaning to the whole “Cougar” thing for me, I mean holy sheepshite batman!

I hope you could hear the sarcasm as I typed these last few sentences, in case you didn’t-let me spell it out for you. I don’t give a fat rats bottom about Valerie Bertinelli and her new body, who cares… is what I want to know? In these hard times why do we even need to have her plastered on the front page of a major newspaper for Long Island and New York?  Is this more important than the economy, the jobless rate, the fact that our tax dollars are being wasted by our government so that business execs can have rides in black cars while I’m praying that my Saturn holds up another year! Is this more important than the fact that I eat peanut butter on crackers for breakfast to save money so that maybe I can afford to eat out in Manhattan once every three months, while meanwhile these jerks who put us in this position are chowing down on eggs Benedict and bagels with lox every morning in their penthouses.

I’m not putting down the fact that she has done a wonderful job of losing weight, this is a good thing for her and for the people she will inspire to cut down and take charge of their life, and quite frankly I’m one of them who should do this too. But my problem is that it’s front page news, and not just in this particular paper, but across the country it was plastered over every news website you could imagine. The problem as I see it is the fact that there is very little responsibility in journalism today, it’s a business. That business is for making money, not providing information to the public, that is secondary. This type of hype is just under the “rags” in terms of targeting readership, you gotta know that many more papers were sold because of that picture on top of the paper, it’s like money in the bank.

The other problem is one that I find with the People magazine cover which featured Ms. Bertinelli in a green bikini, only this time she was standing in a provocative open leg pose with the bikini pulled up to show her naughty bits off very well. Now, I’ll cop to the fact that I do like women and their beautiful bodies very much, they have all the curves and quite frankly I don’t see what turns women on about men at all, our bodies have no redeeming features. I guess that’s what makes me hetero, but my objection to the cover is the message it sends to the young girls of this country. One day girls are being told to keep their bodies to themselves and to respect themselves.  Be good girls, proud and smart, girls who save themselves for marriage and careers, and whose children will be taught good values. The next day they see how easy it is to make money and create hype by using your body and sexuality to sell products and services, in this case newspapers, books and diet programs that can’t possibly deliver to half the people who buy into them because as we all know…diets don’t work! Not to mention a great way to boost a lagging acting career even though you have tons of money and don’t really need to do anything but raise your kid and make sure he doesn’t wind up like dear old dad.

What gets me is the blatant use of all medias to make people spend money on things they really don’t need, I’ll bet anything that thousands of newspapers were sold to people who don’t normally buy a paper just because of the picture and pose. I’m not naive, I know sex sells and that this is all premeditated and that is what gets me “ginned up” as our President Obama once said. It’s the double edged swords of Eat right and stay healthy!, Wouldn’t you LOVE an ice cream sundae with three toppings right now!, Work hard and get ahead in the world!, Why don’t you take it easier…you deserve a break!  The back and forth of the whole system, squeeze us for tax revenue, squeeze us to spend more, squeeze us to work hard, squeeze us to go on vacations we can’t afford, so that we have to work harder to make the money to pay off our credit card debt.

I used to think that my generation got screwed out of the American dream but now I see that the kids and teens coming up now are the real victims of this whole scheme, that’s why you see girls wearing makeup and jewelery at twelve, belly shirts and hip huggers at fourteen, and practically nothing at sixteen. This is all geared to make these kids spend money, and if they don’t have it then mom and dad pay for it all and if they say no because it’s too provocative, then the teens want it all the more and they find a way to get it. Why, because they have been made to desire it by the media and the image it projects of cool sexy confident girls being bad.  Then everbody screams bloody murder when these teens become sexually active, get pregnant and wind up needing state aid. But who are the role models, Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan, and who will their role model be in their forties, uhh lets see….could it be Valerie Bertinelli?  Well maybe not her exactly, but it will be the latest 40 something actress or singer who needs to jumpstart her career and uses the media to create interest in herself for that TV or picture deal.

Some of you I’m sure will think I’m being a real jerk about this, and that’s OK …because I know I’m right, I mean nobody ever saw Jared, the Subway sandwich kid in a speedo because he lost inches off his waist eating healthy, I mean no offense dude but your just not that cool looking are you (neither am I for the record), but then again he’s not a chic is he?  You get the picture don’t you. Let me spell it out for you, sex sells… female sex sells doubly so. Because it sells to the men who lust after them and the girls/women who envy them. So girls, don’t say you weren’t warned but if you want a body like hers all you need is the residuals from movies and TV, mix it up with a good settlement package from your divorce to a rock star, and then add the bucks you made off your book deal, commercials and guest spots on daytime TV and PRESTO! You’ll have a great body too, just like hers. What? You don’t have all those resources. Mmmm, well don’t worry something else will be plastered on the paper for us all to go gaga about. Isn’t it great to be mentally wacked around like a tennis ball, I know I love it!

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Phelps, Pot and Precognition-Feb 2009

 I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be in his shoes, he had the world on a string, he’s done what no one else has done in the Olympics, he has made sweet amounts of money on endorsement deals and commercials, everyone wants to talk to him and interview him and get his opinion on anything and everything.  He has earned a place in sports history that will always be remembered. But….he can’t even take a hit off a bong at a party with his friends, or go to a strip bar, or treat himself to an in-call from an “escort” without the media sharks somehow reporting on it and trying to disgrace him on purpose.

 Now understand I’m not saying he even needs to use an escort service for that kind of happiness, I’m sure he has loads of female fans who would love to show him the pleasures of their flesh. But the media and his mother got him covered like a school of hammerheads circling around a diver trying to get back up without getting the bends. I mean he can’t do anything anymore, when you think about it he is really screwed. I can’t speak from a girls perspective but guys…do you remember what it felt like to be an 18 to 25 year old? Well I do and I can tell you that it was the time when you experimented with life, you tried booze, pot, sex. Anything you weren’t allowed to do under the age of eighteen or twenty one for that matter was suddenly declared open season. This is what your supposed to do in your 20’s, live life to the fullest, make mistakes have fun, go crazy at times! Lets face it for once, it’s normal people to do this and to want to do these things.

 But as we have seen so many times before now, we exist in a country where we create media stars and then we seek to destroy them, you think I’m exaggerating the point, I tend to differ on that and I’ll tell you why…it’s simple. We as a people love to smear or otherwise dis-credit our hero’s as much as we love to do the same to our family’s, friends and co-workers, as I mentioned in a previous post “To Be A Wannabee, That Is The ?” 

 There is a book published in 1999, Eric Denzenhall’s “Nail’ Em!: Confronting High Profile Attacks On Celebrities And Businesses” that uncovers the culture of attack that we live in. This is perpetrated by a collection of individuals including the news media; headline-seekers; angry former employees; and those seeking Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame that he assured us is every ones due (I’m still waiting for mine) and others with unfathomable reasons for persecution of others.  Now I’ll cop to the fact that people like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Tom Cruise all deserve everything they get because their behavior warrants controversy but I think it’s sad that our old pal from Doogie Howser: Neil Patrick Harris had to out himself to avoid in his words “this sort of witch hunt brewing” which he spoke about on the Ellen DeGeneres show. The Who’s famed lead guitarist Pete Townsend was accused of accessing child pornography websites and the media had a field day portraying him as a pervert, he was found not guilty because he didn’t download any files. Still, he had to register as a sex offender even though he was doing research on the pain of child abuse for book he was writing, oh and by the way he was himself molested as a child which is why he was writing the book in the first place.

 I know that there is a rumor mill in Hollywood and that everyone was right about Clay Aiken from the beginning but duh!, how hard was that after all. The problem is that everyone is gay now, Tom Cruise is gay according to rumor, Robert Plant of all people!!! You must be high, he had more women than I’ve had hot meals! Now it’s LL Cool J who is reportedly gay, so what who cares? Why is it sooo important to talk about it and make people squirm. The sad fact is that people think I’m gay because I’m not married and don’t have a girlfriend. Well some of us who work full time and have a small business on the side, as well as an artistic career in writing and painting, who are also taking care of two aging parents and an unwell brother just don’t have the time to try and find anybody! I mean how much juice do I have in the batteries at the end of the day to go out and where do I go on a weeknight to find love and happiness? How do I afford all the expense of a relationship in this economy when I’m already in debt and struggling? I wouldn’t mind so much but the guys making the gay remarks about me are all married and their wives work, so they have a second income. But they think back to the days when they were single and mommy and daddy were still paying their way and try to apply it to my situation out of ignorance.

 The real problem is that we as a people are just not really ready to accept love in all it’s forms, we won’t accept the idea that our hero’s are just people, people who happen to do something really well and get paid for it and that’s all there is to it. Why do we have to make them into gods anyway? I’ll tell you why, because we are not taught by the media to believe in ourselves as people. Instead we are taught to raise others to god-like status so we can worship them and only wish for their fame and fortune. The other side of the coin is that we are taught to spend money on our hero’s products so we can (hopefully) have some of their energy and good vibes rub off on us, if we buy their shoes or makeup or eat the snacks they supposedly like and eat in their own homes, then we will be just like them. This is big business, and the company’s who use celebrity endorsement want us to be hungry for all that bling and fame, so they make us spend money on things we are programmed to want even though it doesn’t do us any real good.

 The thing about all of this media hype over Phelps and his bong hit that really gets me ginned up is that I predicted all of this when he won his first bunch of medals! So now after winning again and being raised to the status of the living god, he now has to live in a prison that wasn’t made by him. It was made by the media, and the hordes of people that swallow the often shallow ideas that are thrust upon these celebrities when they hit the scene. So hats off to you Michael, I’m looking forward to seeing you in the next Olympics, no matter what you’ll always be a hero to me, for taking me out of my worries for a week or two and giving me a sense that anything is possible. One more thing Michael, you should have said that you smoked but didn’t inhale… it worked once before for a President, it should work for a swimmer…right?


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